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If you want to learn my experience with a baby horse, let me tell you this page will tell it all!

Alright lets began! Now of course you know I love horses but did you also know I love Photogerphey! Well one day me and my whole family took a trip to Colorado! I originally come from Dallas so I wasn't quite use to the weather! So anyways me and my mom took a walk around our lodge As we went we pasted by some horses but thats not what I was looking for! Then I saw these beautiful Rocky Mountains! They were gorgeous! There were others but those were my favorites! One of them had a baby named Dutches and her mommy was Lonesome Dove! (Those might be some names you like and want to put for the horse of the week and keep reading there will be others!) There was another 1 week old one named Freedom who was still lying down but belive me she could walk! She just is still a baby and gets tired easily! A filly is a baby girl horse and a colt is a baby boy horse. A foal is just a baby horse. Horses can walk only a couple minutes after their born usally but they weren't born to just walk early! Theres a reason. Of course the ones I saw weren't wild but horses who are wild there babys have to get up in case theres danger! Even though horses are big that dosen't mean they don't have enemys! So anyways then I took a couple pictures and me and my momm left! Then, we came back the next day with my gramdma and grandpa and on the way we saw a trainer who said I could go into a baby horses stall! I jumped with exitement and thought to myself, me a 9 year old gets to go in a stall! Won't the mother get mad? (To answer your questions go email me or check out horse news!) So then the trainer showed us the way and I went inside a baby horses stall named Mystery who was 2 monthes old was a colt and the mother was a buckskin but the baby looked nothing like the mother! They were both very cute and I started to feed Mystery and he came right over to me then he started getting a liitle to friendly and was nibbling on me! So I hurried and got out. Before we left the trainer said he was named mystery because they had no clue what color he was going to be! Then I saw a whitesh golden filly and went into her stall! Then I noticed some horse bites on her. I also relized she was mommyless! So I asked the trainer and she told me that baby horses have to split up with their mothers at a curtain age. Also it turned out they thought she'de be a Palimino like her mother! So sometimes foals look like their mothers and sometimes they don't! It just depends! Then I saw Mysterys get really close to the other babys stall and then I saw the mother rush in front of Mystery and try to bite the other baby! That answered my other question and the trainer said the baby Palimino had learned to stay away and the mommy was just protecting Mystery! I thought that was sweet! (kinda) Well I finished taking pictures and left sadly. I hope you got some names to enter in the horse of the week and make sure if you didn't learn enough to go check out the horse news with the baby horse section! BYe and I hope you enjoyed my story of the week!


Please make sure you do the horse of the week which is on the page Your Page and its at the bottom! Have fun!