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Exercising your horse and riding


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Exercising your horse and riding
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Here I'll write about how you can exercise your horse and some riding techniques.

To exercise your horse means to think of the things you do to exercise. For example, maybe you run around your neighborhood or play sports! Maybe you even work out at a gym! I know this sounds crazy but its the exact same with horses! They maybe can't be able to work out in the gym and have very little sports they can do but you could always let them rome around the pasture or envent a game! The kinds of sports they have are track which is a race. Pole jumping like vault in gymnastics or maybe even an red light green light game could work (for really trained horses)! So if your ever wondering how you can not only train your horse better but you could also give them exercise, look back every couple of weeks at this site!

FACT: How you know if your horse is dehydrated? Well, you pinch the slightly top of a horses neck and if goes down immediatly and if it stays up and dosen't go right down then your horse is dehydrated. If your horse is dehydrated then you must give your horse medience and wash he/she down by hosing them and then make sure you dry with speacial tool or they could catch cold!