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Breeds of Horses

Here I will tell you some breeds and maybe tell you what some look like. I will also tell you what are uncommon.

Each week I'll put at least one more breed onto this and so week by week it'll soon have lots and lots of informations and breeds! The first breed is a Yorkmud. A Yorkmud is pretty uncomman but I'll tell you more once I find out! Another breeed is a Morgan and Polish Arabian. A Morgan is normally very strong and can lift weight very good! Normally there brown with a almost reddish color hair but mostly its a light light brown! They are very pretty! A Morgan is kinda average as far as in popularlty there in the 40%. A Polish Arabian is very uncomman there about in the 25% popularlty! They are white with brown and blue tiny dots so they arn't the prettiest horses in the world! Another beautiful horse is a Appaloosa! You've probably heard of them. Their brown and white patched and have gorgeous big brown eyes! Most horses have brown eyes and once I saw a Appaloosa with one brown eye and one blue eye which is very uncomman! Another one of the horse breeds is a Rocky Mountain which looks exactly like a Morgan but with a lighter mane and tail! There one of my favorites and always so sweet! If you ride them then they aren't bumpy at all! Thats where there name comes from and there not a common horse at all! A Quarterhorse is one breed that everyones heard of. Quarterhorses come in just about any color, black, brown, white, bluish anything! Thats one reason I think their so interesting and neat! Paliminos are gorgeous!!! They have baige, soft skin with a white mane and tail. Sometimes Paliminos have more faded colors ans sometimes the baige turns a little darker. I'm sure you've heard of Paliminos and i'de say their about 70% in popularity. Warmbloods. Yes, they are a breed od horse. Most of them have lived in European countries. Warmbloods were created by breeders who wanted enormous, strong horses who rarely had a temper and rode gentle but had a powerful jump to be a show horse. Warmbloods work very well with breeds of horses such as Throughbreds. Warmbloods are a light shaded color and are almost always brown with a white mark in the 80%. They have faboulous speed and agility.

Every week I'll have a horse of the week that means I'll do it by using one of your names, one of the Breeds of horses and if its a boy or girl so vote every week and you'll see your horse you picked here so go check it out in Your Page!

This weeks vote had many great names! But we do have to pick the winner. The grooming tool was a soft brush. The horse was a girl Appaloosa! The name was KIsses! Alright thanks to everyone who voted and your creative names will show up in the Your Page section!