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Grooming Tools

Alright their are other things rather making your horse beautiful but their are things and reasons why you have to. First, you need a hoof pick which is a sharp pick that you use to pick horses hoofs. You face their reer end and then rub your shoulder all the way down! Then you hold their fetlock and yell HOOF!!! The curry comb brush is a round pointy brush and you use it to not only get dirt off but to make the hair going the same direction. As hard as you can on both sides of a horses body you use it and also don't forget the belly or spine! Never though use a curry comb on a horses face or legs or any other sensitive parts! Theirs also a hard brush and the title explains it all. To know the difference between the hard brush and soft brush you must feel each and the softer one is a soft brush or you could know by their colors! A hard brush you use after the curry comb so that all the dust and dirt you got off from the curry comb will rub off as you do the hard brush! Last but not least and every horses favorite, the soft brush! The soft brush you can use on just about every part of a horse except the legs. You can also use it on some horses faces if they let you or like it but some horses don't let you and don't like it! The soft brush is really just something to do and something to make a horses calm maybe before they go riding or after a hose down, or maybe you're just doing it because your bored or your horse is being mean or even before you pick their hoofs! But of course not all horses like it and in some cases it won't work! Well theres also a mane and tail comb thats a comb just like me and you would use but you probably would like a seperate one for your horse! You do it after a bath, if your bored, a horse has dirt stuck in it or maybe its just tangeled! Those are the 5 most important grooming tools!

Here is where I'll tell you how to tack and the difference between Western and English! I'll also tell you how I learned to love horses! There are two different kinds of saddles English and Westurn! Those are also the 2 types of riding. Westurn is probably the most common. You would probably do this riding like on vacations and in camp. You hold the reins with just one hand and put your other hand on your left thigh. Heels down and toes up is your position. You should always have fantastic posture but its okay if you don't. Almost every horse is a westurn rider. English riding is where you have black reins and you only hold them with two hands. the saddle is so much tinier then a westurn one (it kind of hurts your toushe). When you canter or trot you have to go up and down. If you want to learn more about my experience with English riding go check in Whats New?

Horses of course have 5 senses too! They can hear wonderful! The only problem though is that they can get spooked so easiliy! It helps them though because wild horses have to protect theirselves and their babys so it helps them to hear in case dangers near. They also have good eye sight but I wouldn't call it as good as ours! If you put your hands both in a curved position then place them on the middle of your forehead and thats a horses eye-veiw so they can only see on both sides of their face, not the middle!

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Horses changed my life by making me take things for granted, learn what hard work is and most of all I just love them! I'm not forcing you to like them but if you don't just read my website and I'm sure you'll like them maybe a tiny weeny better!!! I hope they can change you life because they sure changed mine!!!


Interveiw with Thunderbolt
Q: Do you like being a horse? Why?

Thunderbolt: I have my good days and bad. For the most part, being a horse is okay as long as I get plenty of grass to eat and somebody cleans up my stall every day. Some of my friends run in races where humans bet on which horse will win the race. Me, I am content just being a horse that kids like to play with and ride on.

Q: Do you like riding English or Western better and why?

Thunderbolt: I would say Western since I am getting up there in age and would just prefer my rider to sit instead of standing. Also, since I originally came from the west, my english is not as good. HaHaHa!

Q: What grooming tool do you prefer better?

Thunderbolt: I prefer the soft brush, especially while I am taking a bubble bath.

Thank you Thunderbolt!

Here I'll put how horses protect theirselves and why you shouldn't be scared when you go into their stall! You should never ever be scared of a horse when your in their stalls or whenever because you may not know this but if your nervous or scared the horse is going to be nervous or scared of you! So never ever be scared of a horse!