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My Story

Okay, Okay I do love horses as you can tell and I've really enjoyed making this site, but I have a love for writing so heres where I'll just write what i feel and it will probably have nothing to do with horses! If you have coments about this part please go back to The Contact Me Page and send me email.


Everyone always sees the homeless on the street holding up signs saying all sorts of things and then you or your siblings or parents just drive right past them. Sometimes you hardly notice, and sometimes you feel so bad you can't turn away thinking should I have helped? Well the answer is yes and no. Let me explain. One day I was sitting in the car eating a scumptious chocolate bar (thats the only part that rhymes). I had just gotten back from the dentist and vistiting my grandfather (Poppy) at his office as I was eating the pantry he held in his hands. Plus I had a toothbrush in the other hand that I would never use. As my mom stopped the car at the nearest light, I noticed a stranger (a homeless man) walking around in between cars and roads holding up a sign saying ANYTHING YOU GIVE ME I WILL TAKE. The red light turned out to be forever long. Without thinking I gently pushed down the window and stuck out my toothbrush hoping the man would see it. Nobody was watching me, but I guess the stranger wasn't either. Of course we eventually left the man and the light. I felt so bad and couldn't stop looking at the man. I felt downhearted and like a balloon that was going to pop and blow up, but I didn't. A couple days later I observed two homeless men laying down with their well fed dog in a little tunnel drinking beer. I thought how awful!! Their was a basket a little closer to the road we were on and a sign was there in it sayng PLEASE HELP US BY GIVING BEER OR DOG FOOD. It's so terrifing seeing those who know the important things like clothes, doctors, shelters, and food and not those who think beer is whats going to get them far in life. I really hope you've enjoyed my website and my story and I really hope that you've learned the i mportants things in life.
Here I'll have some favorite quotes that either I made or another person did.  If you have any quotes e-mail me at the contact page adn send me the quote and who it was written by if you don't know put unknown and for safety reasons if you made the quote, only put you first name and age.  A new quote will apear every month.
  "If you don't have the best of everything, make the best of everything."- Anoymous

If you have any suggestions, coments, or questions please email me as soon as possible. Again I'de love comments about what you want to be when you grow up and your dreams.   My dreams which I have many is to be a journalist or Author, play college volleyball at The University in Texas, be a varsity volleyball player, have at least three kids and be married in a house, and tons of other things as well.  So please write ASAP just to express your feelings.