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Welcome to my personal web site!

Here you will learn about horses, how to treat them and how they protect theirselves! You will also learn the grooming tools and how you use them! Also enjoy the horse news section, interveiws and more! Learn how to exercise and train your horse and to help check out the contact me and send me letters of what you think about my website! I hope you learn alot about these beautiful mammels and maybe you can own one one day!

On this home page, I'll hope that you'll learn why I've wanted a website and enjoy!

Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail!

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I hope to update this page often with new photos.

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What's New?

Here I'll add horse news! For example, I might talk about a race, or talk about good horse books, maybe even put some facts about horses in there! I hope you enjoy my website and feel free to look around! Thank you for visting my site! I'll keep adding till it turns into a news article!

My favorite book in the world is called Riding Freedom! Its a very long great chapter book that enspires everyone to go for their dreams! Its about a little orphan named Charlotte who runs a way from her orphanage and cuts her hair to look like a boy! She changed her named to Charile and loved horses! She became a jockey! Read this book to find out what happens and even if you don't love horses this is a fantastic book!

Baby Horses are so cute right? Well how would you know if their changing colors or not? Why don't they most of the time never look like their mom and dad?! What if you don't know the mom horse very well? Alright let me answer your questions! Baby horses are cute just as any horse but they are changing! Sometimes their color gets more bright and beautiful and sometimes it fades like fog! But other times they can go from black to brown or white to a Appaloosa! Horses are always changing but you know when their skin gets so thick and furry their about to change and if its thin it'll grow thicker and that mean they just changed but that dosen't mean their through! When their two their pretty much full grown! I can't answer why they never look like their family but who said their attidude isn't like that? If you don't know the mommy horse very well then they might not let you even go near their baby other times they will let you feed it grass like I got to once! If they know you they probably will let you in anytime or they have to get use to you but other times it just rubs off after one day!

I went to my horse camp, Capricorn for one week one summer and I had the sweetest horse, Cowboy! He was a mix of Appaloosa and Arabian. I was in Westurn and had a great teacher since she was the owner of CApricorn. We were trotting in groups and I kept falling and having problems. The owner pulled me over and told me that it was okay and I was doing just fine. Then she mumbled to me, "Cowboy is the bumpiest horse here. So that proves its not always you, it can be the horse.

I know that those of you horse friends might be interested in other activities such as i'm in to sports and writing too. So if your into writing, drawing, designing or anything else you might be looking for a folder. At staples there is a gorgeous horse folder with information about them too. There are probably some at your nearest Super Target too.

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