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Camps and Counselors

Here I'll put a different camp each week and then tell you what conselors I think are the best! The camp might pop up in horse news!

Capricorn is a horse camp that goes for a week and is in Sachse, Texas. Its from 9:00-5:00pm. Its a very hard working camp though! You have to love horses to go there! First you pick western or english and in Western theres beginner, intermidiate, and advanced! Then, you get to ride twice a day some bareback some not. You have to muck stall, play games like caputure the flag and duck duck goose! Next, you get to feed your horse, eat lunch and more! On Friday you have to have a horse show and you dress your horse up in a costume thats very original and groom them! Then you have a riding show where you get ribbions of first, second or third and so on! Your parents get to take pictures and see the show and its very exiting! Feel free to ask me any questions about capricorn and see them add on more and more each week so look for your answer! Please place any comments and look for it on camps and conselors and I don't find camps as soon so I won't put another camp until a mounth! I also might add another topic!!!


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