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In the future, I hope to hear your comments about coaches, clubs, camps, new equipment and other important information we can share with others. For now, you are stuck with my own thoughts......

What have I found to be most effective for kids to improve their game? first, make sure they get a good foundation of knowing the correct ways to pass, serve, hit and move their feet to the ball. Eventually, they need to really understand the game as strategy comes into play as you get older and the girls get taller and better. Without a good pass, it will be very difficult to give a good set and hit. So at an early age, I would first focus on passing, makeing sure you don't swing your arms too much, instead, use your legs more and focus on your target. While not playing at school or club, you still need to touch the ball in the sand, on the grass or even in your house as long as you don't break anything. Finally, don't push your child to play the game. They should already have a love or passion for the game and want to play and improve on their own, not because you are pushing them.

With regard to playing time, remember this is a team sport and yet sometimes, coaches simply forget about your child. It happens.