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Volleyball News

School Volleyball starts for Junior High and High School!

Junior High Schools have formed their teams and began playing district games. High Schools have been playing in non-district tourneys and will start district play soon. Go out and support your school or just come and watch some terrific kids play at a school near you.

Outdoor tournaments are great for working on all aspects of your game...passing, setting, hitting, roll shots, serving and moving your feet.

If your child is playing for her school this year and you do not know too much about the sport, please take a few minutes out to familiarize yourself with the basics of the game...know what a 2-hit, lift, dig, kill, side-out, ace, hitter, setter, middle-blocker and bump means.

What is your coach looking for?

Do not assume that every coach is looking for the same qualities or has the same needs. Some coaches will stress size, others will focus on athleticism and desire. Do not assume that every coach is looking for only the tallest kids. The smaller the player, the more heart, athleticism and intelligence is needed. Do not assume that every child has the same work ethic to improve. Do not push your child, the desire has to come from her.