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An Interview with Mallory Digster, a 3rd grader who plays volleyball and loves it.

Question: When did you start playing volleyball?

Mallory: I started playing in the beginning of 2nd grade and played on a team in the fall of 3rd grade.

Q: Why do you like volleyball so much?

Mallory: I love it so much because I do not like to run. However, I love to run around the court. I also love to dig and serve. I am currently working on my overhand serve. To me, giving high fives and encouragement to my teamates is the greatest part of the game because we are all there for each other and keeps our head up when we mess up.

Q: What are your goals now as you enter the 4th grade?

Mallory: Well I'm hoping that I'll get my overhand serve over and learning how to be a setter, working on quicks and slides. I am also working on how to move my feet and husle!

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